Warren Barnett

Warren Barnett

Warren Barnes Builds Office Walls That Work With the Job at Hand

When the famous investor and property developer, Warren Barnet opened his company in 1924, it became the largest commercial real estate development in America. A great deal of his success was due to his innovative ideas on how to improve office interior design. His first attempts to design buildings resulted in ugly, cramped spaces. In response, he experimented with various materials, colors, and designs. Eventually, he discovered that the best way to achieve an attractive, clean, and orderly work environment was to use simple designs, such as checkersboard or diamond plate. Over the years, he refined this idea and transformed it into the current Barnet system. Get more info on the subject.

Barnet’s vision for his interior designer career was not limited to just office buildings. He established a series of residential landmarks throughout the U.S., as well as one in Canada, to create a distinctive style. This, and other projects, have been replicated by many reputable interior designers. The following article will give you an idea of the creativity and quality of work that is achieved with his design services.

Barnet has established himself as a leader in the industry. He currently serves as principal and chief executive officer of The Barnet Group, which is responsible for commercial property management and design in the North American region. Warren’s firm boasts over forty offices and projects located in fourteen states. Some of the projects are completed on site and others are virtual. Barnet’s interior designers utilize a variety of methods to create their designs. One such method is represented here.

The Barnet System combines three elements to create an aesthetically pleasing space: the wall space, the flooring material, and the lighting fixture. To begin the design process, the Project Manager develops a floor plan, which is referred to as the layout. Wall space is determined and measured according to the floor plan. The Project Manager will design the wall spaces using standard building construction techniques. From the floor plan, the floor area can be segmented into individual walls and then turned into a desk, filing cabinet, television stand, etc.

Once the wall space is finalized, the Project Manager works with the Barnet company’s experienced contractors to identify the materials to be used in the project. The contractor shapes the wall to the dimensions provided by the Project Manager. Once the wall is shaped, it is sent to a local sheet metal fabricator to create the framework.

The framework is then built around the wall and attached to a foundation. The framework provides a stable base for the office desk, computer table, credenza, or other furniture. The entire wall space is then framed with fine woods to provide a high-end finished look. Warren and his staff carefully plan every aspect of the design so the end result meets the precise specifications of the client.

Barnet’s interior designers work closely with the Project Manager to complete the project. The Project Manager is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the design including pricing, scheduling, and materials. The Designers build the desk and office furniture around the Project Manager’s original plans while striving to make the design as unique as possible. Once the project is underway, Warren and his team focus on the detail to ensure the space is just as designed. Every detail is taken care of until the job is completed to the client’s satisfaction.

Many companies spend a great deal of time and money on just the design of an office or space. However, Warren Barnes knows that space is just as important as the design. This is why he focuses on building the walls of the space. Warren and his team are constantly designing new ways to use space to create a dynamic work environment. By doing this, they help clients avoid unnecessary clutter and ensure that their office or space has the perfect amount of space to move around in.

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